CreditsPremium Support€/CreditPrice
30 Crediti24/7/365€4,00€120,00Buy Now
50 Crediti24/7/365€3,40€170,00Buy Now
80 Crediti24/7/365€3,12€250,00Buy Now
100 Crediti24/7/365€2,80€280,00Buy Now
300 Crediti24/7/365€2,45€735,00Buy Now
350 Crediti24/7/365€2,20€770,00Buy Now

Chose how many credits do you want charge your panel

1 month activation is equivalent to 1 credit, if active 2 months you’ll use 2 credits, if active 3 months 3 credits, and so on.

(Eg user – credits, one user of one month credit 1, 2 user 2 months, 4 credits)

the credits have no time limits to be consumed.
From the panel you can create tests (unlimited and do not scale credits), subscription lines, generate various formats for all platforms, as enigma2, kodi, PC, smart TV, etc.. etc. VERY IMPORTANT AND WHAT YOU CAN MANAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Also unlike other suppliers, we give assistance and support to our reseller without ever leave you unable to resolve any situation that you feel insurmountable, we have always a solution to everything !!!